My Consultancy Work 

With over 35 years of experience within the Military, Security, Events Management and Training, you can be assured of my sustainability and tenacity in providing a first class service, Throughout this time, I have been actively operational, in Teaching, First Aid, and Event Organising at Management/CEO Levels. I can offer a wide range of expertise and insight, within Guarding, Event Security, Personal Protection, Leadership, Training and Licensing I have worked as a Door Supervisor under the Council run systems. and I have held an SIA security Licence since the introduction of Licensing back in 2001. This provides a consistent and authentic portfolio of work that spans over 25-30 years.  Having worked in various roles within Medicine and Security, from Guarding, to Close Protection, and from Army Medic to Head of Phlebotomy at the LGH, I am fully sector competent within each role. Even today, I am able to maintain my currency by working at events, and other higher level appointments to ensure clarity and continuity of experience and knowledge. My Role Specific CPD is completed every year and monitored by both my Awarding Body Highfields - ABC, and the Institute of International Risk and Management of which i am a Specialist member.   

Working in Partnership for Added Value

One way of gathering, intelligence, Knowledge and Expertise, is to out source, the work

to a project manager, who will covertly begin together a team of professionals who

share the values of Integrity, Honour, Innovation, Confidentiality and Ethical Practice.

These Partners clearly understand the need for Private & Corporate Security within the

team, protecting there clients from unwanted attention, whilst producing a positive

results for the host company and mitigating the potential Risks to business.

Working as an IQA & Assessor

Are you an independent Operator or Sole Trader, finding it hard to cope with the spiralling weight of paperwork required to authenticate, Validate and support you, with your portfolio’s, or require a second Assessor, with extensive experience and knowledge that is current and verified. The call me on 01572 729 505 or email martin@atlantiansolutions.com     
Independent IQA, Instructor & Consultant
Atlantian Solutions  -  Tel: 01572 729 505  or email info@atlantiansolutions.com 
Developing Minds, Engaging People, Solving Problem’s
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Licensed & Retail Training Suite 
Asset Protection Suite Special/Technical Operations 
6 specially designed courses in 2 weeks of intensive training for Penetration Testing, Asset Protection and Covert Camera Deployment with SOE Risk Mitigation & Assessment
I am able to provide a wide range of retail and Licensed Retail Training within your workplace or an approved training establishment, for Customer Service, Personal License and Much More
Having worked in both Military and civilian situations and employments across a diverse range of industries, I am able to bring with me a wealth of relevant knowledge and practical experience of real life scenarios specific to your environment.
Management Development & Cohesion Training
Team Work, is an essential, to productivity, Innovation develops sustainability, paying for unnecessary so called experts, when your own team has all the answers, at a third of the price is the product of our training, creating cost efficiency. Once your team has ironed out the issues, and understands the problems they can advise on the next necessary course of action 
MMCPT is innovate, thought provoking and very cost effective because it allows your team to excel and develop specific solutions to problems within your business., formulating ideas and solutions. Who knows your business better than YOUR current employees or partners, they are the essence to your success and profitability.