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CCTV Solutions  

* High specification Pre made CCTV Systems for Self Installation  * Bespoke systems installed for Business & Commercial sites * Wildlife & Livestock CCTV monitoring   * Covert CCTV systems * Fly Tipping & Criminal Monitoring  (Including Prosecution) * Electronic Door Bells & Internal IR Lighting  

Maritime & Ports 

Our teams have exceptional training and skills from years of covert military operations and are able to circumnavigate most security protocols as well as obtain evidential material for the prosecution of theft or illegal entry.  

Penetration Testing 

One of our teams specialities with their Military and Police backgrounds they can test even the most robust security systems up to whatever level you request - Each has extensive Retail and Commercial experience as well as counter terrorism skills making them the ideal team to test the strength of your resilience to penetration.  

Secure Stations by Design

With over 20 years experience and over 30 commendations from MP’s for our work with BTP, National Railways and the DfT we are well placed to provide advice and support for organisations wanting Secure Premises

Open Space Security Design 

If you have open spaces that you wish to utilise for employee respite whilst maintaining a secure environment for your premises then look no further we have solar options as well as mains power supply options  
CCTV Solutions & Crime Detection
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View and Door Bell Monitor
Environmental CCTV Solutions
Covert Operations (Training Picture)
Environmental Protection (Oil Spills & Fly Tipping)
Remote Area Monitoring (Waterways)