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Other Security Training

*Close Protection

* Security Management * Field Specialist Rural Camera Deployment * Rapid Reaction Team * Event Medic  Level 3 * Fire Safety Including Fire Fighting * Risk Management * Counter Terrorism Trainer * Security Specialist Bespoke Training * Security for Non - Security Management

Security Training

Licensed Linked Qualification simply means: if you have completed Part 1 which is Working Within the Private Security Industry for any of these Qualifications and its in date you won’t need to take that particular test again and are eligible to have Approved Prior Learning (APL)  this also applies to other sections of the course.

Compliant Qualifications for SIA Badging

Deploying Covert CCTV for Civil Recovery or Monitoring

*   Covert CCTV Camera Deployment (Specialist)

Wildlife & Livestock CCTV monitoring



Urban & Rural CCTV Deployment (Council/Gov)

*   Fly Tipping & Criminal Monitoring

*   Asset Protection Using CCTV

*   RIPA is taught throughout these programs ensuring compliance with Legislation 

Covert Camera Surveillance CCTV & Manual Operated 35mm

This is a specialist course designed and taught by one of our specialist training team who has had a long career in Police and Technical Surveillance providing him with a wealth of knowledge and practical experience from man live operations. It can be broken down into modules and or made for specific requirements of Councils, Police or Authorised Persons working for any of those mentioned. or Phone 01572 729 505  Sussex and Surrounding Areas T +44 (0) 207118 8870 Ask for Izzy

Incident Management for Security Details

In a world that is constantly mobile, with roads that are becoming more and more congested, this course is designed to Learn and Practice skills that will keep you safe in an emergency. With the increasing reports of Police Officers and Civilians being hurt after an accident this is an ideal course to complete for CPD and to keep you safe in the event of an incident.