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CCTV Training & Development  

* HABC - Level 2 CCTV in Public Spaces (Compliant for SIA Badges) * Covert CCTV Camera Deployment (Specialist) * Wildlife & Livestock CCTV monitoring * Urban & Rural CCTV Deployment (Council/Gov) * Fly Tipping & Criminal Monitoring * Asset Protection   

Maritime & Ports 

Our teams have exceptional training and skills from years of covert military operations and are able to circumnavigate most security protocols as well as obtain evidential material for the prosecution of theft or illegal entry.  

Penetration Testing Course 

This course takes you through a wide range of scenarios, and prepares you for testing the Security and Protocols of both internal and External Security, whilst providing meaningful reports on the outcome of the test. There multiple levels of Penetration Testing, including Cyber Crime, Physical Compromise, Internal and External Crime, Serious Organised and randomised petty theft.    
CCTV & Security Training
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Covert Operations Training, is arduous yet an enjoyable and action packed program full of practical application, ensuring teams are ready for every type of operation, whether working with other agencies or the Police, our Covert CCTV courses have everything, from beginner to advanced.  
Environmental Protection (Oil Spills & Fly Tipping) Often going on behind the scenes and requiring a lot more investigation work by the relevant agencies.
Remote Area Monitoring (Waterways)
Deploying Overt & Covert Systems, the complete, How to Guide for Deploying CCTV and  organising operational teams successfully
Field Training, Deploying Monitors
If you have open spaces that you wish to utilise for employee rest areas, whilst maintaining a secure environment for your premises then look no further we have solar options as well as mains power supply options , this course goes through the design and implementation of the Secure Open-Space Program (SOSP) It’s all about designing a protective are, using what is naturally available or ethically sourced to create a friendly yet crime free environment. During this course you’ll learn about people and public spaces.

Open Space Security Design

Specialist Asset Protection Training & Team Development

Asset Protection is an art form, requiring knowledge and understanding of Security & Technology that is underpinned by exceptional forward planning and counter measures, that will ensure the object under your protection remains safe and sound for the duration. Here we go through not only the basics, but the essentials that ensure client satisfaction. Transporting Valuable Cargo is fraught with dangers, most of which are not from the criminal activity, but from litigation or claims for damages. Developing professional and motivated Asset Protection teams takes a great deal of energy and training, which only leads to better and more frequent contracts. Knowing you deliver, On time and safely is worth more to influential clients than flashy cars and videos.  
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Hostile Environment Preparedness & Close Protection Operative (SIA Compliant)

Two very distinctly different courses one for the UK Market and entering into a career as a Close Protection Officer and Hostile Environment Preparedness many call it HEAT, Overseas Media Training but essentially it’s simply Hostile Environment Training designed to aid you in maintaining your life and that of others whilst caught up in a person orchestrated incident or a Natural Disaster. So many company’s place a false emphasis on technology and forget the basics after all the world has just fallen a part at your location, and the outside world is watching from the comfort of there homes and popping the kettle on. Don’t be Like Sally & Bob, Get Trained for the ultimate in survival safety in Hostile Environments. A hostile Environment Doesn’t have to be a War Zone, it could be on a Forest, Mountain Range or even the centre of a City. Close Protection Operative takes you through a rigorous and arduous 2 weeks of learning and developing skills designed to Protect other people, it will test your organisational skills, lateral thinking and so much more - So many of my clients have gone on to be managers and self employed after completing this course rather than entering Close Protection industry. Others currently work on the circuit, Life is what you make it - Put the time and effort into it and you’ll succeed.