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Life Journey Coaching

Over many years we have been discovering many new processes and adapting old ones some more successful than others, but the constant across languages and continents is perceptual variation, how each individual sees the world around them remains consistently different. We can only surmise that humanity is truly original in it’s mind - However the constant must still be enhancement, as we can not say perfection because some enjoy and embrace being imperfect and relish in the idea of being fallible, as it is this fallibility that spurs them on to great things. For others its being kind or powerful either mentally or physically and the list continues into infinity.    
Each seeks their own identity and place within their world, Space and Time. Many if not all at some stage require direction and guidance from peers, the environment or from a deity such as a GOD or Spirit guide, to help them them make sense of the world around them. The biggest problem for humanity here, is adding others miss perceptions to their own creating voids, deceptions and invalidation of the self in favour of the group perception.
Look at the pictures below to discover, what kind of perceptual view you have? There are no right or wrong answers nor are there points to score and its a very personal look at how you may see the world right now, today, as tomorrow may well be different for a wide variation of reasons.
Don’t think too much, just say what you see, feel or whatever comes to mind is the right answer for you today
How we perceive the world around us dictates our moods, creativity, happiness or disassociation with normality
Time waits for No One
Free your imagination Embrace life like never before

Spirituality Course 

This is an in depth look at the inner workings of the Mind, Body and Soul. for those of you disillusioned with contemporary religion but are still seeking enlightenment and or discovery. The Course is a no holds barred and down to earth look at humanity, and it’s need for something greater. We will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions and crack open Pandora’s box giving you enlightenment without constraints, whilst you learn the secrets of the Ancients and discover the beauty and contentment of the divine being that you can be. Is the answer to the question? The Creator is the Universe itself, that which combines us all?  This course holds the equivalent information of a level 4 or level 5 course and is Atlantian Solutions certified £350.00

Self Discovery Course

Free your Potential and Discover a New World of Joy & Happiness Are you fed up with Mystic Megs and Weird Guru’s that actually devour your energy & Wealth with ever increasing payments always promising the path of enlightenment but never actually letting you obtain the ultimate level of peace, tranquillity and Achievement, well so was I, until I discovered myself and the truth about our evolutionary goal. So come with me now, discover your own potential, release the demons of humanities self imposed restrictions and become apart of Universal creation, change the world one step at a time. £150.00 first Consultation and £35.00 per hour there after. (Plus Travel & Expenses if out of Area)
We live in a world of False Gods and Spiritual ministers all seeking to empower “themselves” instead of YOU. Each of us are capable of reaching the stars, or at least our own personal success and internal happiness, so reach out with me to discover a bright new future and free your mind to the unlimited possibilities that await you.

Solving Problems with Solutions 

We don’t tell what to do! We help you discover your own healing processes and provide you with the mechanics of good decision making, whilst developing your self inspired dreams and aiding you to resolve those self doubts and conditioned responses, leaving you revitalised and fully aware of your own ambitions - We will help you look to the future and inspire your imagination. Our working together system aids you in developing a resistance against the negative world around you, and empowers you to seek the truth and a better more fulfilling life style. We will never promise to make you a millionaire, but we will try our best to make you happy with what you have and what you do. There are no false hopes or false dreams and believe me the path to personal enlightenment is sometimes the hardest path to follow but the rewards can be astonishing giving people a new vibrancy for life and living

Mind Mentoring & Critical Positive Thinking (MMCPT) TM

Do you have decision making Problems within your Business, or do you need people or even yourself to be more aware and able to fix problems and ensure they don’t happen in the first place, then this course is ideal. Learn to workout Issues and problems whilst understanding what makes people react in certain ways with this simple but informative variation of the Human Triangle, you will be able to understand human psyche as well as solve work and personal problems. This system Gives you the edge over almost everyone working to solve problems
Just reading a snippet of this power point video will lead you to a wrong conclusion the whole version is required to make sense of the sub headings. Explanation is always necessary in a world of perceptions as are questions, or we will never discover the truth or the need to evolve beyond ignorance * Diversity & Equality Training * Self Emancipation * Developing Intelligence * Life Journey Coaching * Spiritual Awareness