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Atlantian Solutions

Dwson Court Oakham Rutland LE15 6SD t: 01572 729 505 m: 07725 970954 e:


We have Offices in Rutland Leicestershire, Reading and Tamworth where we have training facilities specifically designed for Surveillance Training, Security and Private Meetings as well as general training provisions Specific Directions to your choice of venue will be given via email or over the phone

Hours of Business

Are as flexible as your needs and when we are working for you we are available to take your calls and needs day or night
Atlantian Solutions  -  Tel: 01572 729 505  or email 
Developing Minds, Engaging People, Solving Problem’s
Training Venues:
Reading Stamford Rutland Tamworth Birmingham London Overseas Venues: Cyprus, Poland, Greece, plus others depending on requirements
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