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Working in Partnership 

One of the greatest assets of being independent is my ability to work with specialist partners from across the globe and from a multitude of industries working with me to provide cost effective solutions. Therefore, I am able to understand and Manage a wide range of projects from Fly Tipping to Railway Safety. My partners provide Facilities Management, Security and technological expertise within Rail, Environmental Safety, Security and Event Management, just to mention a few. There are No hidden secrets, No middlemen just a group of highly motivated and professional people and companies working together in synchronised harmony.

Fly Tipping & Criminal Activity

One of the worst and most costly activities to the environment and wildlife, not to mention the massive cost to Local Councils, Police and the general public in the clean up process as well as the prosecution costs through personal time and evidence gathering for a successful prosecution.  Our partnership team is both ethical and able to help reduce these activities to there lowest possible outcome through primarily Education then evidence gathering and prosecution of offenders. Remember its not just a Fridge Freezer, it’s a combination of gases, metals and potentially toxic chemicals filtering into our food and water supply, just the one or two may not be significant but hundreds of illegal tipping creates an environmental nightmare.

Waterway Safety & Inspection

The Environment Agency and Others spend millions each year needlessly visiting sites for visual inspections of waterways, rivers, grills and a multiple of other sites which increases the requirement for personnel and vehicles including boats to gain access to remote areas - Our innovative and relatively cheap system of CCTV monitoring frees up personnel to go directly to problem areas whilst enabling central commands to monitor water flows in times of flooding and for the scientific teams to enable them to accurately recommend protocols to prevent flooding or at the very least give early warning of an impending flash flood or overspill. Prevention is always better than cure especially when you consider the wider ramifications of cost to the government and local councils in emergency services to members of the public caught in the aftermath of a flood. It was estimated at £5 to £6bn according to national news reporting “ ruin
Developing Minds, Engaging People, Solving Problem’s
We are able to provide solutions if your willing to listen - Our objective is National Safety and Security as these events affect us all, physically, financially and in some cases personally.

Railway’s and Remote Area Safety

Our partnership team has been developing a Remote Area Rail Safety device which is currently working in South America and other locations around the world. The United Kingdom is a very different place in terms of extremes of temperature and rain fall, as well as track conformity to national standards especially on charity run lines. Our system provides for early warning both visual and auditory to both train driver and members of the public crossing the remote area - We believe Implementation and maintenance costs are minimal compared to other solutions considered by National Railways especially if our teams install the systems. 

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Dual Purpose Flood & Haz Chem sax’s to create a barrier against Floods and water damage or during a major incident place them down to soak up hazardous chemicals preventing leakage into the water supply and drainage systems, these are Bio-Degradable in less than 6 weeks limiting damage to the environment - This a a fantastic way of multi-tasking when the need arises whilst reducing storage space and no need for costly mountains of sand and clothe sacks which clog up and take years to degrade Use to seal doorways and other holes that would previously just seep and let in water.
Flood Sax’s and Haz Chem Sax’s
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Emergency Flood Kits Possessions Protectors
In Partnership with Floodsax UK
With around 500 Secure Stations completed over several years, I have been instrumental in maintaining public safety across the National Railway System, by working with (TOC’s) Railway Operating Companies to gain them awards for safety and security, through working with the British Transport Police and DfT, ensuring public safety is a priority across the entire network, from underground to over ground and from Dover to Scotland  
Letters of Commendation from MP’s for my work, are available to clients on request.