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Axle training is our advanced medical training and Medical Events Cover supplier, providing both excellent training and Paramedical cover for events we cover. The Director John is a former Royal Army Medical Corps Medic of many years with both Civilian and military experience that ensures clients gain the most innovative and practical skills from an instructor that has years of real life experience.
IQA & EQA & Course Development IQA - Quality assurance can be defined as a system to monitor and evaluate a product and/or a service. It should identify and recommend measures to make improvements to standards and performance, or at least maintain the status quo if everything is working well. Internal quality assurance (IQA) relates to the monitoring of all the teaching, learning and assessment activities which learners will undertake. The activities should form part of an organisation’s overall quality assurance system.  Quality assurance is different to quality control which seeks to find problems. Quality assurance seeks to avoid problems, stabilise, and improve products and services (Ann Gravells) What does the IQA do? The IQA is normally employed by a training provider to ensure the consistency and validation of their qualifications, providing proof that the centre has complied with all the relevant requirements, ensuring documentation is completed, and the entire learner journey is monitored throughout their time with the learning provider - This enables the Awarding Body to have confidence in the centres ability to provide and comply with all its polices and procedures therefore, ensuring any training and or professional development is Valid, Authentic, Current, Sufficient and Reliable (VASCR) giving learners a certain amount of confidence in the training providers ability to deliver professional qualifications. EQA - is an External Quality Assurance and these individuals are normally employed on a part time or full time basis by Awarding Bodies, External quality assurance is in place to ensure that: The national standards of qualifications are maintained. Learner achievement and performance is assessed in accordance with published Qualification specifications and regulatory requirements of an AO. Learners are aware of what is expected of them to meet the assessment requirements of their qualification. Appropriate resources, including staff, are in place within an approved centre to support a qualification and the learners undertaking it. Centres are committed to maintaining and improving their quality assurance activities. Centre staff including; assessors, tutors and IQAs are offering a qualification that meets the awarding organisations assessment practice and procedures.   
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Optimal Risk provides tailored risk management solutions across diverse sectors. We offer trusted confidential support from the boardroom through to field operations. Our approach is to support you becoming a resilient organisation that is prepared to respond effectively to any strategic or operational risk. To optimise your investment in security measures, and guide your risk-informed decision making, we work with you at the highest levels to really understand what your concerns are, and tailor our services to your organizational culture. Ranging from threats to assets and personnel, to complex threats like espionage or sabotage, our security services and training can protect, defend, and prepare your organization for the plethora of high-risk, and high-impact scenarios that could compromise your operations or reputation. From protective services, to security and contingency planning, security exercises, preventative measures, and crisis management solutions for complex environments, we provide integrated multi-domain support for physical and cyber risk, and lead the field in converged risk services.

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