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Medical Training
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Incident Management

* Bio Hazard Clean Up - and Cleaning up Drugs Paraphernalia within a Public environment * Food Hygiene - Within a Medical Environment * Knife Crime Injuries

Recognising & Treating Injuries & illness (2 Day)

CPO - IM  or Phone 01572 729 505  Sussex and Surrounding Areas T +44 (0) 7725 970 954
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Specialist Training

These are bespoke training courses to prepare employees for working within specific environments which are not covered by standard qualifications or those listed on RQF Ofqual regulated framework. Each course is designed to the same level as if it were a full qualification ensuring candidates gain the required knowledge to act competently
This course is solely dedicated to injuries and illness recognition and treatment providing the individual with sufficient knowledge and understanding of both external and internal injuries or illness and the consequences if not treated appropriately - The course will enhance the knowledge base of anyone attending F-POS, FAW or other Medical Training We also discuss Mental Health issues that the Team Medic may encounter with relevant courses of action in the event of an MH condition presenting itself. We also have a Care Home variation of this course designed to protect those in long term care

CQC Induction Training Course 5 Days (Groups Only)

In response to the growing demand for employees to have a CQC relevant induction course we have the perfect solution which ensures all new entrants to the Care Industry are fully compliant with the Induction program as well as gaining relevant qualifications such as Fire Awareness, First Aid, Recognition of primary/secondary illness, Monitoring BP, TPR and Health & Safety Please call for further information
We have a wide variation of Awareness Courses which you can book on a daily rate rather than per person £350.00 half Day £700.00 full day, this does not include expenses that are agreed with you prior to commencement