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Retail Training

We have a wide range of retail training programs to enhance your employees and aid in improving productivity, delivered by instructors
who have real life experience on the shop floor and within the night time retail industry. Our retail suite is extensive and designed to be
interlocked so we can provide our clients with cost effective training during the times they most need it.
we understand retail is sometimes 24/7 and so can we be to suit your business requirement and to ensure you can maximise training
with selling your products - We are able to provide both regulated training and bespoke elements that comply to industry standards

Level 2 Customer Service

This course prepare employees to work in a customer service role or where using a telephone is a part of using a telephone covers the principles  
is a part of
their role. It is suitable for all industries where
customer service is a requirement. The qualification 
importance of appropriate behaviour and communication
as ways to deal with problem customers
* You add your own specific media
* The course can be taken at your workplace
* It can be made Bespoke
techniques as well
of customer service including how to meet customers’ expectations, the
This course prepare employees to work in an Alcohol Retail role or where a Premises License is in force by the Local Council or via a court Order for the transport industry.
* We provide Council Application forms 
* The course can be taken at your workplace
* A guide to Retail Sales prevention of under age sale
It is suitable for all industries where there is the Sale or Consumption of Alcohol either on the premises or off. (Such as an Off Licence/Shop, regular Events etc.) It is a Mandatory requirement to have a DPS and a Personal Licence

Level 2 Personal Licence

Conflict Management

This is a non-regulated qualification and is ideal for anyone who requires
training in conflict management. It is 
and is suitable for anyone who has a customer facing role, dealing with
service users or the public. It is also a useful qualification for individuals who 
would like a better understanding 
arising and who would like to gain more confidence in being able to 
conflict situations. 
* We provide Retail or Event relevant content 
* The course can be taken at your workplace
* Provides employees with confidence
for a wide range of sectors 
of how to prevent conflict situations from
deal with

Level 2 Prevention of Under age Sales

For those working within environments where there may be a risk to children and engages with staff to ensure the checking of ID and why it is important to protect both the young people and the good image of the company This qualification is designed to support a role in the workplace for learners working or preparing to work in retail or in premises offering age-restricted products and/or services. It allows learners to choose between 5 different pathways, depending on their specific job role: This course can be deliver In House as a part of a social responsibility course * Retail * Licensed hospitality * Gambling * Restricted entertainment (Adult) * Body modification - Tattooist  

Level 2 Health & Safety in the Work Place

This qualification is designed to provide learners with knowledge of the basic health and safety practices essential in the workplace The qualification provides learners with an understanding of the responsibilities and employers and employees, the benefits of good health and safety, steps to a risk assessment, common causes of and how to reduce accidents, near misses and ill-health, typical hazards and controls in the workplace, emergency procedures and the importance of recording accidents, near misses and ill-health occurrences

Does your business need a Music Licence

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Bespoke or Tailor made Courses including Nationally recognised