Independent IQA, Instructor & Consultant

Working in Partnership

We have a diverse customer base spanning a wide variation of Industry which are innovative and developing new projects, who require a wider variation of skills and personnel, most of whom prefer to let us organise their events and security/training needs, rather than, have to farm out and search for professional individuals or companies. Hence our partnership team provide a wide range of services, that can work together without any conflict of interest, which is good for the customer confidence. 

Empreo Facilities Management 

Provide the highest level of service to its customers and the consumers of its services by properly resourcing and managing the business. To be recognised as a company that is renowned for its quality of service to its customers and consumers and for its care of staff. Invest its profits in the business to the benefit of all stakeholders and to develop a culture of continued improvement by developing long term relationships with staff, customers and consumers".

Axle Training, Advanced Medical Training

Axle training is our advanced medical training and Medical Events Cover supplier, providing both excellent training and Paramedical cover for events we cover. The Director John is a former Royal Army Medical Corps Medic of many years with both Civilian and military experience that ensures clients gain the most innovative and practical skills from an instructor that has years of real life experience.


Services * Event Management * Facilities Management * Security Services including Close Protection, Door Supervision and Manned Guarding * Covert Operations * CCTV Installation * Asset Protection * Residential Security (Manned 24/7) * Medical Cover * Medical Escorts * Cyber Risks 
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Optimal Risk provides tailored risk management solutions across diverse sectors. We offer trusted confidential support from the boardroom through to field operations. Our approach is to support you becoming a resilient organisation that is prepared to respond effectively to any strategic or operational risk. To optimise your investment in security measures, and guide your risk-informed decision making, we work with you at the highest levels to really understand what your concerns are, and tailor our services to your organizational culture. Ranging from threats to assets and personnel, to complex threats like espionage or sabotage, our security services and training can protect, defend, and prepare your organization for the plethora of high-risk, and high-impact scenarios that could compromise your operations or reputation. From protective services, to security and contingency planning, security exercises, preventative measures, and crisis management solutions for complex environments, we provide integrated multi-domain support for physical and cyber risk, and lead the field in converged risk services.

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