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Retail Training

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Asset Protection Civilian Course

This course is an information packed program designed to provide detailed expertise in the Planning, Movement, Storage of Assets whether they people Human, Animal or Solid Object over a wide range of scenarios from moving diamonds to moving new design racing cars. It is a must for any company tasked with moving its Assets whether its documents, Money, Rare materials or even people. The Course has a home learning package with 7 days of Instruction at either your premise or our dedicated Training Centre 
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Developing Minds, Engaging People, Solving Problem’s
Civilian Orientated for Businesses, who have a requirement to move High value Goods or objects from one destination to another securely

For Personal Licence for

Clubs, Pubs, Bars or Shops

Penetration Infrastructure Testing For Business

Many of our clients require their Security testing on a yearly basis for a multiple of reasons, essentially ensuring they are getting value for money and understanding the role of both their security personnel and their employees on protecting there products and Goods. This course is designed for individuals who want a great understanding of the principles of PITS or Pen Testing, giving them a great understanding of security and how it is likely to be circumnavigated by Petty Criminals, Serious Organised Criminals and even internal employees. This course will provide your security management and or operatives with an in-depth knowledge not normally taught within security and therefore provides essential information on preventing both external crime and internal crime or Phone 01572 729 505  Sussex and Surrounding Areas T +44 (0) 207118 8870 Ask for Izzy
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