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* Food Hygiene Level 2 * Customer Service * Prevention Under Age Sales * First Aid in Retail * Fire Safety/Marshall * Health & Safety * Risk Assessment * Conflict Resolution

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* Security Management * CCTV Training * Door Supervisor * Covert Camera Deployment * Rapid Reaction Team * Event Medic  Level 3 * Fire Safety * Risk Management * Counter Terrorism Trainer * Specialist Bespoke Training
Retail Training

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* Understanding Humanity * Developing Intelligence * Personal Journey Coaching
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Asset Protection Operatives Course

This course is an arduous and information packed program designed to provide detailed expertise in the Planning, Movement, Storage and Protection of Assets whether they people Human, Animal or Solid Object over a wide range of scenarios from moving diamonds to moving new design racing cars. It is a must for any company tasked with moving its Assets whether its documents, Money, Rare materials or even people. The Course has a home learning package with 7 days of Instruction at either your premise or our dedicated Hostile Environment Trg Centre
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